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released June 13, 2012



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Strange Sex Stillwater, Oklahoma

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Track Name: Born Asleep
when I was growing up I never understood
I don't hear anything at least nothing good
I found the darker side under darker clouds
forced to play outside I always break the ground
no one made me come home
when I was growing up I never understood
I can't hold anything silver turned to soot
born under bad stars in an early cold
he said son look at me but my eyes were closed
I was born asleep
Track Name: Hand Me Downs
we think you need to grow up son
I know that you're the fucked up one
but there's nothing really more to see
so waste your talent while you're young
I was over highschool so
I fucked up living with no home
and even when you're fucking me
it always feel like I'm alone
your mouth is full of shit your words have no worth
you came out kicking and screaming like you were fucking burnt
you were a bitch from birth
your lungs are full of smoke your life has no worth
sentenced to twenty one years of my life on this earth
you were a useless fuck up loser drop out
Track Name: Prick
stay the hell away from me it's for your fucking safety
you're just a little prick that fucked up bailed and ran away
think you've got fucking problems you start them with your mouth
you're piss shit out of luck and your dads not here to bail you out
Track Name: Three Years
three whole years of wasted time
seasons change everything dies
thought that I'd accomplish something
but this place has left me fucking
brain dead and empty my body is numb
my clothes are all dirty and covered in cum
everyday I do the same shit
fuck this place I fucking hate it
give up move on is this what you want
fuck your advice I don't need it
I'm just holding on to what I've got
if theres a future I can't see it
Track Name: Death Grip
the sign said dead end but I kept walking fast
I brought nothing with me no plans of turning back
my home is nowhere I'll keep walking with the end in sight
when my eyes go black and die leave my life behind
I hated every second